Looking for Work in St. Lawrence County?

The Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley and Personé Staffing are here to help spouses and partners of new permanent faculty and ull-time administrative staff of the colleges find meaningful employment in a region that is new to them.

Through an arrangement with the Associated Colleges, Personé Staffing is able to provide you with up to four free hours of one-on-one career counseling that best fits your needs. We start by developing an understanding of your career goals. With you, we can then:

  • Review and refine your resume;
  • Overview the job-seeking process, tailored to our location;
  • Review comprehensive listings of current employment opportunities in the region - all jobs in all industries;
  • Review specific positions and job requirements;
  • Explore the major employers in our area;
  • Provide contacts and networking opportunities;
  • Market you to local firms;
  • Identify and develop tele-commuting work options;
  • Or take whatever other steps are needed to help you find that ideal work situation.
From day one of inquiry, we seek to educate and guide you through the job search process. Our knowledge of the local market and our relationships with employers enables us to get you plugged in to opportunities.

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   Career Services- New York State Department of Labor

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Start a Business!

If your ideal situation is starting your own business, we can help with that, too. Our region leads New York State in the number of small businesses per capita. We can point you to resources to help make your business ideas come to life!

Check out these resources in our area for entrepreneurs and business owners.